Title: Vlachos
Authors: Nikolay Yankov and Elena Shtereva
Published: To be published in 2019!
Genres: Novel | Contemporary Bulgarian Literature

“Lambra loved to be on the road. Loved to meet new people and places. On the way she felt her stirring blood, the color of health, burst out on both of her cheeks. On the way her head cleared up, her vision brightened for the beauties, with which God had mottled this world. It is good for man to keep on walking, as on the way he is growing old slowly. For the one who tends to remain at one place, becomes an easy prey to all sorts of diseases and to aging. Around this simple philosophy was built the life of the wandering shepherds. If there was anything good in this world, it came with walking.”

The Sarakatsani are among the last nomadic people of Europe and the last in Bulgaria to take up sedentary way of life after the socialist government forcibly nationalized their herds and burnt down their houses in the 1950’s. This novel is their story. A story about the power of walking, about the eternal circles between the Upper and Lower, the Black and White, about the people who don’t know other borders except for the one they put on themselves and about the stones, which never cease to roll not because they don’t know what peace is all about but because they know that every halt by nature is insidious and dangerous. Because the one at halt may get caught by weed.

But above all “Vlachos” is a contemporary novel about what is to carry a nomadic soul in XXI century.

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